Not for the Weak of Heart: Cosmetologists Beauties With Hustle

All Good Things Take Work

You have probably heard this before, whether from your parents, or Oprah, or an inspirational photo on facebook. No matter where you have heard it, however, one thing remains clear: It takes hard work to accomplish your dreams.

Now, that does not mean that you will have to fight for everything in life, some things will come easy. But it also doesn’t mean that everything will be hard and that you should throw in the towel because you obviously aren’t meant to do something. In fact, chances are that when you are faced with difficulties you are one step away from something truly life changing.

Like the arrow being pulled back in a quiver, you must go through the stress of a draw before plunging into a beautiful future.

If you find yourself struggling at school, or even wondering if you are on the right path, here are five inspirational stories to remind you that hard work does pay off, and it will inevitably lead to something amazing.

From Orphan to Provider

Jennifer Aromo – From World Help

The possibility of a long, successful life is nearly impossible for an orphan in Uganda, and that is exactly what Jennifer Aromo was facing after her parents abruptly died. Although her uncle was able to take her and her four younger siblings in, he could not pay for their schooling. Without that, Jennifer knew that he chances of being able to support herself in the future was nearly impossible.

After hearing of a vocational school in a nearby village, Jennifer enrolled, and although she had little more than a primary school education she quickly mastered cosmetology. Going to school was hard as she had to walk several miles and often went without food. But she persevered, and now has a well paying job that has given her a future, and helps to provide for her younger siblings to return to school.

A Future Behind Bars

Just because someone is in prison doesn’t mean that they do not have a future ahead of them. At the Valley State Prison in Chowchilla, California a cosmetology course is offered to inmates, helping to prepare them for a future after their release.

With a large waiting list, this challenging course is changing the life of hundreds of people. It takes hard work to finish the two year course, and it may be harder still after release. But each graduate continues forward, knowing that this certificate gives them an opportunity for success that they never through possible.

A Future Through the Struggle

Cosmetology school can be hard, especially if you don’t have as much experience as some of your peers. It is something that Nina Kovner knows quite well.

Broke, working multiple jobs and barely making it, she knew she had to make a change and follow her dreams. She attended school while working full time, juggling life and work and everything else while she rose to the top of her class, creating a career that still supports her, almost thirty years later.

Nina Kovner
That experience has stayed with her, as she happily shares the 5 key points that got her through to anyone who needs to hear them: Show up, listen, connect, work and follow your heart.
Cosmetology school takes work, but the end result has the possibility to change your life.

If you are ready for a challenge and want to launch your future, give us a call. We would love to show you how our school, and our passionate instructors, can support you through the struggles and support you toward something amazing.

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